The Kindness Fairy

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I’d been wanting to add to our Christmas traditions and felt inspired by The Imagination Tree’s Kindness Elves . This was originally adapted by Anna at The Imagination Tree from the ‘Elf in the Shelf’. She found the whole elf watching the kids behaviour and reporting back to Santa about whether they had been good, a bit off-putting. As an alternative she decided to focus on the love and kindness part of the Christmas period. The concept is that each day the elves leave a note that asks the child to do something kind that day. So, it might be to donate some toys to charity, or bake cookies for your neighbours.

This year she had had the elves made and has been selling them on Facebook but all 1500 sold out super quick, and I missed out.

So, I just loved the whole concept of the adapted idea, and the elves were out. But, to be honest whilst the elves are cute, I’m not actually that into elves. That is when, being an 80s girl I remembered the flower fairies by Hornby, and I decided maybe we could go for a Kindness Fairy instead of the Kindness Elves. After doing some searching on Ebay, I found a seller that sells lots of fairies, and bought Rose. She is a lovely vintage flower fairy with her original dress. She had been repaired, so her hair is just beautiful.

For Day 1, I decided to give our daughter a advent calendar and that as Rose was after all the kindness fairy she would start off with giving one as a gift.

So, Rose wrote a poem to explain who she was and why she had come:

My name is Rose, I’m a kindness fairy.
I have come to share a joy that is extraordinary.
I will stay until christmas day
To help you think of others, to have fun and play

Kindness is love, it brings happiness to your door.
Kindness isn’t selfish, or rude or a bore
It is a smile, a kiss, a moment to treasure
Its a lesson to learn, to practise forever

So, my first day here is a gift to you
An advent calendar, with many fun things to do
I am so excited to meet you, I will come back each day
With another new message, until Santa brings his sleigh

The next decision was what to do for an advent calendar? Last year on Christmas Day, our daughters favourite present was tubs of of play-doh, inside each of which we had hidden a Shopkins toy. If you haven’t seen them Shopkins are quite the ‘in thing’ at the moment for a lot of 7 year olds.

As such, I thought it would be fun to do it again but this time as an advent calendar. We bought 24 small tubs of Playdoh in a pack from Smyths toyshop for £12.99 and two Shopkins Series 3 – 12 packs then hid one of each inside the tubs. We bought round printed sticky labels off eBay, and stuck one to the lid of each tub of the Playdoh.

To hold them, I cut a cardboard box down to 5cm high and wrapped it in christmas wrapping paper we had left over from last year (using pritt stick not sellotape). Finally, I cut out a large heart from card, and stuck a print out on it of Rose’s poem, and tied it with string to the advent calendar.


Hopefully, she will love her fairy, and it will remind her what christmas should be all about.

Edit to add 01/12/15:

She did love the fairy and the advent calendar, was so so excited this morning.





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