Rainbows, Christmas cards and getting tidy with the fairy

So last night Georgie went to Rainbows. It is a pretty exciting time because she gets to change to Brownies next term and we have a huge debate ongoing as to which pack she will attend, as they are going to go to different ones as there are not enough places all at one.

When she got home, she then spent ages hand writing out 25 christmas cards to all her friends at school. She did get a card today, so maybe it won’t seem that early that she is sending hers out so soon? Well, I hope not at least because there was no stopping her.

Some of the cards were Barbie ones she bought from her school Christmas Fayre for £1. She got some lovely bits from the Fayre, loads of people do craft stuff. We always love getting Reindeer food, and she got a super cute pink Angel peg ornament, which is now pride of place on the tree (umm yes we put up the tree at the weekend. The rest of the christmas cards were from last years stash, I am trying to use them all up, as I tend to buy them in the sales in January and then normally by the time it all comes around again I have forgotten I have got them!

So a stack of cards now stashed in one book bag, and good to go. Shame the same cannot be said for the literacy homework. Well, tomorrow is another day.


I have had fun making a label to use for the messages for the Kindness Fairy. So not had much time with being busy at work today, so had to put something together pretty speedily. I wanted a simple template to add a text overlay to in word so I could just get it all put together for each day quickly.

As it is the run up to christmas, I have signed up to a free trial of the Royale features on Picmonkey. It is $4.99 per month (no idea why the site is in dollars, maybe it is US based?) and there is a promo on for a free months trial. I thought I  would give it a shot and see how good the paid for features are: Picmonkey Free Trial Royale. I have used Picmonkey before and liked it, just because it is easy to play around with, and I just don’t have the patience for complicated right now.  Just beware if like me you have a Mac and use Safari though. It does NOT like Safari at all at the moment for saving photos, and there doesn’t seem to be a fix. So if you use a Mac go for Google Chrome or Firefox instead.

I used the design feature to get the 6 x 4 blank canvas and rotated it so it was horizontal. Then used a Victorian Label from the Royale featured overlays, and picked the colours below.


Fairy label


I then saved it onto my desktop and uploaded it to word. I copied the graphic multiple times as wanted to add my text in white writing over the top.

Adding text over a graphic isn’t necessarily obvious in word, so if you get stuck try the below:

Insert or Paste a New Graphic

  1. Use the Insert or Paste command to place the graphic into the document.
  2. Click your graphics image to select it.
  3. On the Format menu, click Picture.
  4. Click the Layout tab. Under Wrapping style, click Behind text, and then click OK.

The graphics image is now behind the main text layer.

I then printed off the labels, cut them out and stuck them on white card. I haven’t done them all yet, it might take me some time to come up with all the ideas to fill 24 days, it is quite the ask!

Day 2 for the Kindness Fairy is: 

Let’s help mummy and daddy today by tidying up your room, to make it sparkly clean for Christmas .

The fairy is hid in the Christmas tree with her message. Let’s hope we can harness some energy for room cleaning in the name of kindness!! I know I would appreciate it :).



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