Kindness Fairy 5 – Making Christmas Cupcakes

Today the kindness fairy said:

As a special surprise to make Nana smile can you bake her favourite: Christmas Red Velvet Cupcakes

The note went a little wrong as Georgie had asked if the fairy did different colours. This looked lovely on the computer, but I was foiled as one of the ink cartridges on the printer was running out, so it came out stripey! It was too late to be messing with the printer so just ran with it :).


The christmas sprinkles are again from Home Bargains, and as I got them a couple of weeks ago, along some other ones but can’t remember how much they cost. It wasn’t a lot though, maybe £1.50? The green and red ones are tiny coloured balls and the ones in the middle are tiny red and white candy canes.

Well it took awhile to get to the cakes as Georgie wanted all her Frozen dolls to bake too, and apparently to bake they needed to have aprons! Nothing is ever straight forward. So while I was getting all the stuff out for baking Georgie made aprons for Anna, Elsa and the girlies Anya and Elsya out of paper and string. Then of course they had to do a catwalk show to show off their new style ….. The catwalk was comprised of 4 slate drink mats.

So then she went and washed her hands and we had another problem. Georgie wanted a Christmas apron. Well we don’t have one. So improvisation had to do, with one snowflake tea towel, some string and a piece of red ribbon.


Yay, finally on to the cakes……

Our staple recipe for Red Velvet Cupcakes is from the original  Hummingbird Bakery Book. You can find this online here at Redonline.

Just remember if you do use this recipe to make these, whatever you do, don’t use Dr Oetker food colouring because it DOES NOT WORK, not unless you like an unpleasant brown velvet cupcake! In fact ignore the advice for any liquid food colouring. I think this has been acknowledged by Hummingbird as they now have a step by step guide online about how to get the red effectively.

For red sponge you need a gel based colour. I use Sugarflair Extra Red. I have linked to an online store called because it is really good value for baking stuff. They also sell on Ebay. You don’t need very much at all to get super red sponge, a little goes a long way.


You will probably see, I don’t have any buttermilk, which you need for this recipe. I don’t always bother going to the shop to get any because you can easily make an equivalent yourself if you have milk and lemon or white wine vinegar in the house.

1 UK cup (250ml) whole milk

1 tablespoon white wine vinegar or lemon juice

Stir and let sit for at least five minutes.

You can scale this up or down for your recipe, so this one asks for 120ml so basically I have gone for 1/2 tbsp or 7.5 mls in 120 mls milk.


Lots of weighing and mixing later and the cakes are in the oven.Note we have only made 10 as we used muffin cases. Georgie and I got the mixture everywhere!!!!


After the cakes had cooked we let them cool. Then we made the frosting and we piped it on the  cakes. Finally, we put lots of sprinkles all over them.

Until tomorrow x



  1. 5th December 2015 / 8:06 pm

    These are just great and I love the improvised apron she totally rocks that combo! Ah bless her for wanting the dolls to join in that is priceless and such a precious memory that she will recall when she is older 🙂

    Here’s hoping this comment will post!!


    • 5th December 2015 / 8:19 pm

      Thanks so much for your reply! First comment ever on our blog, so very exciting and so appreciated 🙂

      We have both had a lot of fun today. BTW her cupcake that she wanted for her pudding after tea was the one in the middle with like a trillion sprinkles. We have had sprinkles literally everywhere.

      Hayley x

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