Kindness Fairy 6-8 and last day at Rainbows

Today is a 3 day update because life has been in the way πŸ™‚

Day 6

The kindness fairy was back on Sunday with a request for some family time:

Today to be kind it is family time. Can you set the table for dinner with Grandad?


We started off the day by taking some of the cakes we made yesterday to Georgie’s nana.

Then it was off to spend an hour playing Badminton and an hour swimming with Grandad at the local council leisure centre. It is great because they only charge Β£4.65 for an hour at the weekend for a Badminton Court. We have been going most weekends for the last three or four months. Georgie has gone from not being able to hit anything, to being able to knock them back and forth a few times and playing a bit of a game. Or as Georgie puts it “I can do a fourer..”

The swimming pool was virtually empty. Guess, it must be because people are busy preparing for Christmas. One benefit is it certainly made it easier to swim.

Grandad Allan and Angela came round after swimming for tea, and Georgie did indeed set the table, with quite a lot of excitement. I’m beginning to think the kindness fairy could come for all of 2016 as well!

After Grandad went home she worked her way through a pile of homework. Maths, literacy and reading. We had fun doing the literacy homework because it was to send examples of ‘instructions’ and how you would follow them. So we sent the recipe for the cakes Georgie made and I sat with Georgie and showed her how to use PicMonkey to make a collage:

PicMonkey Collage2.jpg

Day 7

Yesterday, was another busy day for me at work and I knew I would have to work late. So the kindness fairyΒ went for an easy message again:

It makes our teachers happy when we learn new things. Today let’s learn something new on the computer.”


Georgie’s school uses a programme called RM Easimaths that is an online maths system for primary age children. She really likes it, so she got some extra maths practice in, and responded to the kindness fairy’s message all in one go.

Day 8

Today the fairy asked her:

Make a christmas card for Grandma and Grandad, and write a letter and send it to them in the post.


The cute little stickers are again from Home Bargains. For nine of each type of sticker they were 69p a packet. Georgie did a lovely job of her letter, which is all set to go out in the post tomorrow.


Today was also, a sad yet happy day for Georgie as it was her Christmas party at Rainbows. It was also her last ever day, as she will start Brownies in the new year.

Rainbows has been such a wonderful experience for Georgie, and they have all been so kind. She came how laden with goodies, and had even been so lucky as to win the pass the parcel. Her prize was a set of fairy nail varnishes from Marks and Spencer.

The best thing though was the christmas reindeer badge, and the ‘pot of gold’ badge, which she will have sewn on her new Brownie uniform to say she had been a Rainbows girlie.


Until next time …..

Love Hayley and Georgie x





  1. 8th December 2015 / 11:09 pm

    Aw, bless it is hard sometimes growing up! Sounds like the kindness fairy has the right idea, helping mummy too with some not so taxing activities at the end of a long day πŸ™‚

    Georgie did a really great job with her Christmas card and I hope she also enjoyed painting her nails πŸ™‚

    San x

  2. 9th December 2015 / 6:52 pm

    Thanks San πŸ™‚

    It is definitely good that the kindness fairy is being thoughtful to me too, need a gentler pace in the week to get by x

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