Kindness Fairy 9 and the Hama Bead Angel

Today has been so nice for me, because I got to finish work early and go and watch Georgie and all the other Year 2 children put on a christmas show playing the ukulele and signing. Georgie got to be in lots of the singing because all this term she has gone to singing club after school on a Wednesday for a hour. They all did brilliantly, and the teacher that managed to teach and organise 60 6-7 year old children to sing and play music for 30 minutes totally deserved the round of applause!

After the show, as singing club wasn’t on we went for a look round a couple of shops, and then went to swimming. Georgie is doing Stage 4 of the ASA scheme, and loves it a lot. They spent lots of time working on a butterfly kick that she likes to call ‘the worm’.

When we got home, she was straight to wanting to sort out the fairy’s message. This morning the fairy said:

Can you make a friend a homemade present?


All went well with the messages because a) I found some cute little hearts on the Picmonkey (still making the most of my Royale free trial!) and b) because they printed ok. The hearts I used are below:


I had no idea what Georgie would want to make as a ‘home-made’ present but in the end she settled on using her Hama Beads. These are actually great for children because they can literally make anything you can think of. We use the midi beads, which I think are just about right for a 7 year old, the mini ones would just be too small.

Usually we google what she wants and then she copies the image. Today we googled Hama Christmas and then when she had changed her mind and decided she wanted to make an Angel, we googled Hama Angel. After looking at a few she saw this one on Pinterest :


We never, end up exactly the same (after all there has to be a bit of personal creativity added to the mix) but here is the final creation all crafted for her best friend Alexis:


Hayley xx



  1. 10th December 2015 / 10:41 pm

    She did a great job with the hama bead angel 🙂 Pip has her school nativity tomorrow; sounds like Georgie had a lovely time and great for you that you could finish work early 🙂

  2. 11th December 2015 / 7:46 pm

    Thanks San it was fab! Hope Pip’s nativity has been fab today 🙂 x

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