Kindness Fairy December 10th-13th

Day 10

“Today be super kind to everybody you meet!”


Georgie tried really hard to be super kind on Thursday, and said she was extra specially nice to all her friends at school. The kindness fairy was sat in a little real christmas tree in a pot, that is to be gifted to our neighbours. The photo hasn’t picked it up because the lighting wasn’t great but it has gold edging on all it’s spines. This tree can be planted in your garden after the season has finished. These are currently in Morrisons and are only £7, and you can get them in a green or red bucket if you don’t fancy the gold.

We are very lucky to have nice neighbours, we are at the bottom of a cul-de-sac so only have the neighbours on one side. They are avid gardeners and we have been given heaps of home grown veg throughout the summer, so did want to take the opportunity to say thank you.

We also had some good news about Brownies, as there were issues finding a local pack that had places. Thanks to the efforts of the Rainbow leaders at her old pack, she now has a confirmed place for January. We will have to  sort out a uniform now!

Day 11

“Let’s pick and wrap a present for your teacher.”


I was reading a post somewhere online a few weeks ago about gifts for teachers and did notice there was a bit of an online war going on about whether you should or shouldn’t. Personally, because Georgie things her teacher is wonderful, I like to give a token present just to say thank-you for their investment in her.

So the fairy asked Georgie to get a present. Although, I have to admit I engineered this one a little to pick something that wasn’t too expensive but hopefully should be enjoyed at this time of year. We went for Panetonne and a festive gift bag. Again I have to admit we went to Home Bargains. This Perugina one for 500g is only £1.50 at the moment, which is really good value. I think I might get one for us when I start with the christmas food shopping. The gift bag was £0.69.

Oh and Georgie, made her a miniature christmas tree with her daddy. She wants to make her a card too but that will need to be another day! We were all shattered on Friday.


If, the message had come at the weekend we might have been brave and tried for a home-made gift. I loved this post by Diary of a Frugal Family with loads of gifts to make.

Georgie had a big day today as she is Mary in the school nativity play, and they put on the performance for the other children (the one for parents is next Tuesday). I still remember her excitement at getting told she would be Mary. She was one of the last children to get told, and just couldn’t believe it. I can’t wait to see the nativity :).

Day 12

“Can we make a Christmas hat?”

Next Friday, it is the yearly hat competition at school. So the fairy was helping out suggesting she makes her hat. I have to admit I bailed on this as she was going round to her nana’s for the afternoon. I took her for her haircut, and dropped her off with a pile of craft stuff. Apparently she has worked super hard with their help, and now just needs glitter (I always forget something!). I haven’t seen it yet as is still drying at my mum’s house.


It was great to get a few hours though as hiding presents from an eagle eyed seven year old who believes in father christmas is really quite difficult! Got loads wrapped, all Georgie’s are now done. Still have a couple more to order and so need to get that done tomorrow night.

Day 13

Today, take some time to appreciate how lucky you are. Spend time with your family, and play with a toy or game you haven’t played with for awhile.”

So, this morning Georgie played Mario Maker on the WiiU with her daddy. She has been a Minecraft fanatic recently, so it was good for them to play on this game again. This is a really cool game because you build the levels yourself. I think this is great for younger kids because it involves getting creative and working out how things go to together. It is like learning stuff, without actually having any idea you are doing it. Plus, it is what Dave and Georgie love to do together….

So they got to have fun, while I cleaned the cupboards and did a food inventory, which was kind of therapeutic in it’s own strange way.

Then Georgie and I went to our weekly badminton and swimming trip with  my dad. Tonight after tea, there has been an epic party at the Barbie Malibu Beach House! Georgie has gone to bed but the dolls are partying on *sighs best go break up their fun and clear up the wreckage*

Take care Hayley x



  1. 14th December 2015 / 12:54 am

    Home Bargains is great! I managed to pick up a pop up tent and Peppa Pig game for our granddaughter Mary Grace. I was totally happy and it best the GLTC prices hands down 🙂

    Pip had her nativity performance on Friday. I cannot believe it is the third Subday if advent! Time is flying by and as usual I am all over the place!

    Hope you have a good start to the week.

    San xx

    PS so pleased a brownie place has been sorted x

  2. 23rd December 2015 / 9:27 am

    Thanks San 🙂

    I have been offline the last few days so sorry for the slow reply.

    Hope Pip had an amazing time at her nativity x

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