Creating art prints for kids – Inside Out

Inside Out Collage

There are some fantastic art resources out on the web for children. You can get ideas for literally anything you could think of. One of the sites I love because it is so child friendly is Artsforkidshub . They do video tutorials on how to do different things step by step.

I thought it would be great instead of us buying new art for her to put in her room, if she could have a go at making some of her own. So after a browse, she settled on wanting to draw the Inside Out characters. I think Inside Out by Pixar is a must watch for children. I love it because it shows how it is natural for us to have a range of emotions, and that the negative emotions we have, we do need. If you haven’t seen it check out this Telegraph review.

See below for the video of how to draw Disgust:

Georgie got immersed (she loves drawing!) and in the end did all five characters one after the other yesterday afternoon. Georgie and I cut out and scanned each of her pictures so we had a digital jpeg image for each one.

On previous posts you may have seen I have used Picmonkey a lot recently, and am starting to get au fait with it. We had a play around with the collage function and decided in the end to put the characters in a row. We also did the one at the top of the page, where we just added their heads.


On my to do list this year is to have more photos etc up around the house, we did a lot of decorating in 2015 and the house has a lot of blank walls. So, the plan is to get an A4 print of this when I order some photos from one of the printing companies. That is quite inexpensive, for example Photo Box do an A4 print at the moment for £1.

It would be really fab to get an A4 kids art frame to put it in like this one from handpicked .

Art Frame

Until next time Georgie and Hayley x




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