Goldie Blox and the Spinning Machine Review and Demo

Goldie Blox

Georgie got this Goldie Blox set for Christmas and we finally got it out today to have a go. It caught my eye because it is meant to show basic engineering for 4 to 9 year olds. I hadn’t actually heard of the brand at all until I saw it.

The range was created by Debbie Sterling, who is a mechanical engineer. She wanted to create toys that would engage girls in engineering while they are young, in a bid to tackle gender stereotyping. See below to listen to her Ted talk about where she got her ideas and inspiration for Goldie Blox:

So here is Georgie about to open the box and what was inside:



She had a lot of fun building and asked her daddy if he would create a time lapse video of her making the spinning machine 🙂 :

What Georgie thought:

Georgie liked building the spinning machine and reading the book at the same time, she said “It is super fun!”. The concept didn’t prove to be very complicated so after one go at building it, she was able to put it together again pretty fast.

She loved having a video made and then watching it back! Think she wants to do time lapse videos of building lego sets now.

What I thought:

I really like the concept behind it probably because the whole ‘pink aisle’ of toy shops can be a bit depressing! It was different to see a construction toy that was actually targeted at girls.

I did think the age range on the box of 4-9 was a little out. I would have thought 4-6 would be closer to it. That is because Georgie found it so easy, so I think she must be at the upper age range of it. However, that might also be because her favourite game is Minecraft, and she loves lego (again particularly Minecraft) so that has maybe developed building skills?

Then, on reflection I maybe just worry that the set is dumbed down as if girls of this age would not be able to build something more complex. If that is the case, that is a bit rubbish. She did still have fun, but I don’t know how much attention it will hold moving forward, although there are some ideas in the book of different designs she will have to try out.

The other thing I have noticed is for a toy that is for engaging girls in engineering concepts it is a bit disappointing they went for a barbiesque heroine in Goldieblox – think blonde hair etc etc…..

However, I think I’ll check out the rest of the range to see if they sell any for a higher age range.

Hayley and Georgie x


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