Trip to the Trafford Centre and Las Iguanas


We have developed a family tradition, that we go for a trip out for Georgie’s birthday and post christmas with my dad and his partner and they buy Georgie a bear. This revolves around a trip to Build a Bear and a meal out. It is a real hit with Georgie and it has become something we all look forward too.

Post christmas 2014, we went to Warrington and she chose Elsa bear. For her birthday it was Liverpool and she chose Anna bear, and this time we decided to go to the Trafford Centre.


Georgie was really excited before we left and insisted on taking Olaf with her! She wanted to have music put in Olaf so you could press the button and play it.


We got there on Sunday, just before the opening time at 12 noon and parked on the car park outside where all the restaurants are. It was lucky we got parked so easily because the place gets really packed at the weekend.

We had got a 2 for 1 off for Las Iguanas via email on main meals so it was a good time to go, so we stopped as we walked in and reserved a table for us at half one. When I checked on their website you couldn’t actually book online so we had to do it when we got there. At the time it had not long opened so was still nearly empty.

Then we went off to Build a Bear.


The bear chosen turned out to be a pony, Applejack. I am sure she picked Applejack because she knows that is my favourite one lol. She only picked the hat and the cape though, not the boots etc because she wanted her feet to be softer so one of them could have the sound in.


Georgie this time wanted to record her own sound for Applejack, that was new to us. Georgie and I went in a room at the back of the shop and after a number of attempts Georgie recorded her saying, “Oh my, my name is Applejack. I love apples! I could just eat them all day and every day.” Out of everything she seriously loved doing that tiny recording and then it being put inside Applejack. Olaf got a new song to, the ‘what frozen things do in summer’ one.


The staff in Build a Bear were lovely. Very patient with Georgie too when she was being indecisive and asking a trillion questions about everything! It was packed so also quite exhausting making it through.

Las Iguanas was fantastic! The food and the service was great.  You can see the menu here. We were super lucky having a 2 for 1 voucher on mains. We started with a bread, oil and olives board that we shared.


Out of everything, I think my dad and his partner picked best with the picahna steak, which came with chipotle butter that you melt onto the steak. Dave had a chicken coconut curry, and I had a burger with herb chimichurri and slaw on it with sweet potato fries. The kids meal was lovely too, it was fresh chicken chunks with a corn breadcrumb on them and loads of salad sticks.


Finally, I got an hour in John Lewis, and got a few things that were 70 to 80% off from the seasonal stuff (Halloween, Easter and Christmas) to put away. Well I remain decoration crazy, I can’t wait to decorate the house again. I still think it looks bare. All in all a fun trip out :).



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  1. 13th January 2016 / 10:01 am

    What a fab day! We have only ever been to one build a bear and that was in Edingburgh when Dave was having some treatment. Benedict came home with obi wan and Pip came home with a regular best dressed in summer clothes and shades :-). I was a mean mum though and wouldn’t countenance the Star Wars theme tube!!!!

    San xx

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