Jesmond, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Last Friday night, we embarked on a weekend trip to visit family in the North East. Georgie had her cousin’s birthday party at Pizza Express in Jesmond on the Saturday afternoon. It was the second time Georgie had been to one of these because her other cousin had also had one, about 18 months back but at the Metro Centre, Newcastle. The Pizza Express party is really pretty fab because the kids get to make pizza from scratch and put all their favourite toppings on. You can just imagine a whole pile of kids throwing flour everywhere. Then party games, and a nice bowl of gelato….. Sounds good to me 🙂

Even better, as this was a family party and we had grandparents, aunty and uncle etc present we were given a free rein to go and explore for a couple of hours. I’d never been to Jesmond so couldn’t wait to go and see what the neighbourhood had to offer. The Guardian  says:

What’s going for it? Today’s breakfast debate: why aren’t we all living in Newcastle? Really. Right now. What (OK, apart from balmy weather) does it not have? It has smashing citizens. A dramatic setting, pinched by Tyne valley. Great, gutsy, sod-you architecture. Sparkling culture. A Geordie corniche down at the Quayside, with people sipping pina coladas in shorts in December. Stottie cakes. Jobs (some, anyway). The most incredible countryside half an hour away. The most incredible seaside 20 minutes away. For your fancy-pants it has artisan this, that and the other. For your unfancy-pants it has unreconstructed, unironic caffs. And it all comes together in Jesmond. Here university lecturers bump into their students over dirty burgers at Fat Hippo. It’s the Tyne’s Left Bank, only on the north bank, and actually not on a bank at all, just a 15-minute walk from the river. You know what I mean: one of those urbane neighbourhoods that planners dream of. If only we could do something about the weather…

To be honest it kind of reminds me of a small Didsbury, with a mix of professionals and students.


I was in my element because there was an Oxfam bookshop. I love book shops of any description. Whilst Dave was off hunting for a shop called Rehills of Jesmond and cans of ‘Dead pony’ for his brother in law I had a very happy hour in here browsing. Three new books. A copy of Jack Monroe’s recent book (new) for ÂŁ3.99, an Usborne young reader for ÂŁ1.99 and a book of poems by Robert Louis Stevenson for ÂŁ2.49. BTW Dave loved Rehills of Jesmond so it was a happy hour apart!


Pizza Express is on Osborne Road, which I now know is famous for local students as a drinking area. After a wander and our trip round the shops (and not driving) we popped into a bar for a drink. There was literally a whole line of them to pick from but we went for Jam Jar. Dave had a Wylam Angel and I had a Cosmo Jam, which was naturally served in a jam jar lol. I quite liked it, it was a quirky little place and still quiet on a Saturday afternoon, although by the time we left there was a pile of football kit and wig clad students entering. We perched on bar stools overlooking the road. My cocktail was good, not the most innovative I have come across but liked that they put jam into the cocktail, no come across that before, so at least a little different.


Opposite Pizza Express is a Little Waitrose. I have to admit whilst it was a day out I couldn’t resist a few treats! My current favourite magazine The Simple Things . Also fulfilled a craving for my new ‘rose’ obsession withe Rose Lemonade Infusion tea by Taylors of Harrogate and Rose Lemonade from Fentimans. Lastly Earl Grey by Williamson tea, simply because I adore Earl Grey tea and have never tried any from this brand before.

The Simple Things - January 2016

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