Half term in Bath Day 1 – Arrival in Priston Village

We booked to spend half term in a small village just outside Bath called Priston. In the end we settled on a cottage rental to get the benefits of a ‘home from home’. The one we chose was called Cider Press Cottage¬†and looked so lovely on the photos, we thought it was the one to go for. The web said it had been recently refurbished in 2015 and the reviews on TripAdvisor were good so we were really excited about out trip.

Georgie spent ages picking what toys to take but ultimately the main ones were the toads, toads on tour indeed…….


The journey went really smoothly and we arrived about quarter past five. There was a warm welcome from the owners, and even homemade flapjacks and daffodils in vases here and there, which made for a lovely touch.

Priston is a tiny village so no local shop (although there is a pub) so we headed back out to visit the local Sainsburys and got stuff for tea.



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