Half term in Bath Day 2 – Valentine’s day exploring

Valentine’s day, and in a beautiful location what more can you want. It was a fabulous feeling to get up and ready, and then think about going out exploring 🙂

So our first full day away, was just about getting our bearings and finding out about the area. Priston is about 15 minutes from Bath, and we got to practice driving down some winding one car country lanes, with high hedges, and every once in a while a good view!

As such we drove into Bath, and went for a wander and looked round the shops. We parked at Westgate, which is at the south side of the City near the River Avon. This is a multi-storey car park and when you come out you find yourself in a modern shopping centre ,with all the usual high street stores. Debenhams, Apple, Laura Ashley etc etc. We mainly window shopped, but as a one off treated Georgie to a Pandora valentine’s bracelet.

There was however, a couple of shops that were different to the usual. I love this window display :)……


This shop had all these amazing sculptures made out of shells. The unicorn was actually a seat and could be bought for £3250, which to be fair for how amazing it was is probably a fair price. There was even a t-rex (look behind the unicorn..).

We went for lunch in the Bath Brew House. Dave found the beer to be great, the James Street Brewery brew on site. He tried Emperor, Gladiator and Ostiarius and enjoyed them all. It turns out the to have a ‘head’ on a pint you have to have a sparkler, and those who live in the area prefer their beer without, so don’t have one. We sat in the bar as the restaurant was booked up so got food off the bar menu. There was a pleasent atmosphere although still quiet when we arrived in the bar. Soon after it started filling up with people who had come in to watch the Six Nations.


Given the reviews on TripAdvisor, the food was pretty disappointing and very overpriced / poor value for what you actually got. It was £7 for a small roll with what ended up being a thin slice of roast pork and a bit of apple sauce with a few crisps. The buttermilk chicken wings came as a fried chicken leg with frozen skinny fries (although the green chilli dip was good). The best meal was Georgie’s, so maybe we should have had three children’s meals and we would have been ok lol. Nobody actually came to see if the meal was ok, so all in all a bit naff.

We wandered round the Abbey and a few more shops and headed back, I picked up a bottle of Workhorse Chenin Blanc from Marks and Sparks, totally recommend this, was amazing!






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