Half term in Bath Day 6 – Stonehenge and Salisbury

I have been offline for quite a few weeks with a few things going on, so am now finally retrospectively catching up on the rest of our fab half-term break to Bath and the surrounding areas. This post relates to 18th February 2016.


Our trip to Stonehenge persuaded us to take out National Trust membership. Stonehenge is very expensive so it seemed worth getting a year subscription to the National Trust for free entry. It is an English Heritage site so we could have joined them but there aren’t many English Heritage sites in our part of the country so I don’t think we would have ended up getting much value for money. For the three of us it would have been £40.30 entry whereas national trust membership for 12 months was £111 or £9.25 per month. We used a code where you got two extra months free, so worth searching for something like that.

This is a place you have to visit, just because well it is Stonehenge ………


After Stonehenge we had a wander round Salisbury and looked at the cathedral; the home of a copy of the Magna Carta.



The sculptures outside the cathedral were striking. The exhibition was by Sophie Ryder.




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