Luton Carnival – May Bank Holiday Weekend Trip

It was great timing to come to Luton this weekend because the annual carnival was on around Wardown Park from lunchtime. The carnival takes place every year and this year it was the 40th anniversary. The carnival was vibrant and showed the best of the local community spirit. There were so many different costumes, it is hard to decide which one you like best, and of course I was pleased to see another Flamingo. I think I have a bit of a thing going with flamingos at the minute although have nothing with a flamingo on it lol.

Although, out of all of them the lion costumes in the first photo below were spectacular with such fantastic colours and detail.


Georgie got totally into the carnival spirit, although insisted on a Pinkie Pie balloon, a whistle and blue candy floss! There were a lot of stands within the park, street food sellers and a whole fun fair.

We spent half an hour having a chat to the volunteers on the Mind stall, which is one of my favourite charities. The lady we spoke with was having people write on a leaf what made them happy and asked Georgie what made her happy. Georgie said, ‘playing games’ and wrote that on her leaf, which got put on the tree with all the others.


As we started walking away from the carnival we stopped in another small park. I absolutely adored these solid wooden blocks and seats they had. There was even a totem pole!


After the carnival we stopped for a drink at the English Rose, which is a traditional local pub that is on the CAMRA list, so great for Dave and Ian who love their real ales.

Then we decided on having a Lebanese meal at the Desert’s Rose. The milkshakes were brilliant, Georgie picked this Kinder Bueno one, which must have been made with them because that is what is tasted like. It was a nice meal but not amazing (other than the milkshake). Dave and Ian tried out the non-alcoholic pomegranate beer. I discover what shisha is as there is a separate courtyard out the back. It is a type of smoking with a water pipe. The things I don’t know …….


Finally, we met a dragon on the way back to the hotel! Fortunately, for us we missed the trouble in the centre that was on the news. We saw the riot van heading through with the sirens just as we passed through so think we got lucky that we weren’t caught up in it! I would guess you could say the best and worst of Luton all happened in one day.


Love Hayley and Georgie x


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