Luton – Stockwood Park – May Bank Holiday Trip

Uncle Ian said the best place to go on our last day was Stockwood Discovery Centre. Ian says a friend of his likes to go and run all the way round the edge of the park, and it is 3.5 miles all the way round.


This park is absolutely amazing! I love horses and there is the most incredible display of carriages, of literally every type and function.

Georgie says, “We mostly saw carriages from the past . The carriages was very interesting and they was fragile too. One carriage needed four horses to pull it and it would take the same amount of time if you was walking.”

The carriage she was talking about was Elizabethan and given its construction I am astonished any number of horses could pull it at all! Apparently they had to be solidly made as the state of the roads was so poor back then.


We found this tiny wobbly bridge, and Georgie wanted to film her daddy walk over it. Well, he managed to in the end on attempt number 3! Georgie certainly found this funny, it took her a good five minutes to stop………

There was a whole exhibit about bees, that was good fun. We were mildly disappointed half the bee keeper costume was missing because we would have loved to persuaded Dave to try it on.


The play area was limited but nice, you can’t see it but there were these circular blocks of wood on springs that you stand on and then they start to vibrate like crazy. Uncle Ian got a bit stuck and I think he was quite relieved to be on solid ground again 🙂 .


This tractor was used on a farm in Dunstable, near Luton in 1939. The make is Fordson and was a common make at the time. What we found pretty amazing is that in 1939 there were still 539,000 horses working on farms in England.


My phone battery went so unfortunately we didn’t get many pictures of the other end of the discovery centre. Although to be fair we spent half an hour playing tag and all got a bit hysterical some probably wouldn’t have got many shots anyway.

Love Hayley and Georgie x



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