Canon EOS 500D DSLR – First try on a local walk

Our camera tech has been a long way out of date. I really tend to just use my iPhone with a mixture of Instagram, and our rather ancient Sony Cybershot. I have wanted a DSLR camera for months because I keep thinking it would be fun to learn the basics of photography.

So, my dad has been super kind and lent me his Canon EOS 500D for a couple of months so I can have a try and see what I think. He got it back in 2009 but it was a decent mid-range camera back then, and is infinitely better than anything I have tried before.

He called this morning with it and practically as soon as he had showed me how to change the lens on it, and the basic buttons and headed off home, I was out the door with Dave’s dad for a walk. IĀ used the standard 18-55 mm lens for these shots.

I have to say I loved it, can’t wait to take some more!




Mick having a rest, looking over the fields


Keepers, Golborne

The below photo was took close up by Mick, first attempt to stray onto a specific setting (as opposed to auto).


Bramble flower



Keepers views

As you walk down Keepers you cross the end of the race track, which is fenced off. Mick had the idea to put the camera through the gap in the fence and take the photo so the picture followed the fence to the stands in the distance.


View from Keepers, towards Haydock Park racecourse

Out of the photos I took, I like this one the best, although it is only of an old derelict garage / storage container on the foot path that links through to Barn Lane.


Corrugated iron garage, Golborne

On the way past this really old house on Barn Lane that I think just looks amazing, I asked the owner when it was built and they said the 1700s. It is totally fabulous.


Barn Lane, Golborne, house built in 1700s


Cenotaph, Golborne, Barn Lane

Now because the sun has finally come out, it is time to get the barbecue out unexpectedly!

Until next time Hayley x


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