Day Out at Haigh Hall, Wigan – by Georgie and Aaron

Hello, this is Georgie and Aaron. Today we went to Haigh Hall in Wigan.

First, we went in a pub called Two Left Feet to get a drink as it was raining.

After that, we went into the craft place and I [Georgie] made a sand art flower. I peeled the paper and there was sticky stuff there. Then I picked a colour of sand and poured it on the sticky part. Then, I poured the sand back in the pot and some sand stuck on to it.

Then, me (Aaron), Hayley, Dave, Georgie and her Grandad Allan went back to the car and had our picnic (because it was still raining!), which consisted of sandwiches, strawberries, blueberries, crisps and Jaffa cakes and me and Georgie had Happy Monkey smoothies.

Next, we all went to explore what the 40s day was like as there was a special 1940s day on. There was a band on, but not that many people. Probably, because it was so wet!


1940s day – The band

Me and Georgie had a go on the charity raffle I didn’t win anything however, Georgie won a puzzle. Then we saw big display of 1940s items and my favourite was an old football. Someone also showed Georgie how to make a peg doll and she made Princess Peach from Mario. We then had a 50p lucky dip as we were both given £5 and I got a 1940s dressed up teddy bear and Georgie got a minion teddy bear.


Some people were dressed up, and there was  an ambulance.

After that, we went and did crazy golf. It was a lot of fun doing crazy golf. The winner was my [Georgie] Grandad Allan.




After crazy golf, we all went to the park and played hide and seek.


Finally, me and Georgie went and did sand art again and her grandad Allan helped us.


That is the end of the blog and we all had a great day at Haigh Hall.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Georgie and Aaron.






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