Welcome to Just One Perfect Day; a family travel and lifestyle blog.

My name is Hayley. I live in the North West of England with my partner David and our daughter Georgie.

This blog came about originally as I wanted to be able to capture family memories, and do something creative. I love travelling and taking photographs so many of my posts are linked to places we have visited.

As time has gone on, I have become interested in the concept of ‘living light’ or simple living.

So what is ‘Living light’?

In reality ‘living light’ can encompass many definitions, it covers a journey that an individual, couple or family can embark on that is entirely unique to them.

It is about defining a set of life values and figuring out your life purpose, and setting out a roadmap of where you want to go. Then following your roadmap and living your life true to your values. In many ways, it isn’t a quick fix, instead it is all about the journey, and in taking pleasure from the journey. Along the way, the purpose may change and the accompanying roadmap might change too.

What does ‘Living light’ mean to me?

I feel that living light is about your wellbeing, and aligning that with the wellbeing of the people who most matter to you. It is about letting go of things that weigh you down emotionally.  At first I associated this with reducing possessions but now I see this as about mindfulness and positivity across all parts of my life. It is about living life aligned to the things that really matter to me and to us as a family.


Hi, I’m Georgie. I am eight years old and I would like to be a vlogger like Stampycat one day. I love making things, lots  and lots of things and often make a really big mess.

My favourite things are my best friend Alexis ♥, going exploring with my family, Minecraft and Shopkins.

I wanted a blog, so my mummy has said to start here and when I am older I will have my own. You can find posts about me, or ones I have written under the Georgieblogs link.




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