Guest bedroom – an English garden

 I’m so excited as we have finally finished our guest bedroom makeover!* It has to be said, I feel a little disappointed that we never took pictures of what it looked like before, now that it is done because it is quite different. When we moved in it had been a boy’s bedroom and was bright blue with a large chipboard piece on the left hand side with 100s of drawing pins in it, artex ceiling and damaged laminate flooring. It was definitely in need of some tender loving care. 

Phase 1 – a blank canvas. This is quite a small room. We had to squeeze a double bed in, as it is used when people stay over. So because of that, after a bit of thought as to paint colour I decided we needed to replaster the ceiling and paint the room white in its entirety to give an illusion of a little more space. We used plain white eggshell for the skirting and plain white for the ceiling but Crown Sail White for the walls, which has a very slight grey undertone. I ummed and ahhhed a lot about finding ‘the right white’ for the walls and read lots of posts on the internet. The one that tipped me into Sail White was this one from Rock My Style. I had thought about trying greys and finally decided to be brave and give it a go. As such, we got a simple hard wearing grey carpet from an off cut at the local carpet mill for £167 with fitting, underlay and carpet plates.The blind came from Dunelm Mill and was just a simple neutral roller blackout blind. I knew because of where the bed would fall that curtains would be problematic so decided just to stick with a blind only. Then we got simple brushed chrome light and plug fittings.

Phase 2 – trialling Annie Sloan chalk paint. So, we had some quite scary old orangey pine furniture that has been with us for some 16 years, and survived a multitude of house moves. I only have a picture of the bedstead from when we moved in prior to painting but there is also a bedside table and chest of drawers. It was solid though so we thought it was worth trying to rescue it. I had kept reading about all these amazing makeovers that people had done with Annie Sloan paint. It felt like a  risk to buy the paint, the wax and the brushes because the concern was, that it would all go wrong and we would have wasted a load of money on paint!! However, we went ahead anyway and I picked Paris Grey, clear wax and dark wax. The dark wax lightly applied over the clear wax gives a soft slightly aged look. The chest of drawers were done last and to finish them off and a little touch of glamour, we bought glass crystal drawer knobs. This picture taken outside best picks up the tones of the dark wax, and the unusual appearance it gives the paint work. 

Phase 3 – Getting inspired by an English Garden. My inspiration for the colour scheme came our back garden when everything has started to  bloom. As the room overlooks the back garden, I loved the idea of bringing the outside in. I came across the Joules Ruby bedlinen made by Bedeck and just loved the vibrancy of the bright bold colours, to go against the muted tones of the room. This then set the theme and then all I needed to do was find a couple of finishing touches to finish the room off.

Phase 4 – Finishing touches. I love sourcing second hand accessories and so went to my local carboot on Sunday that was just starting up again  for the year. My favourite find was from a man who had a couple of dusty crates of old bottles. When I looked I found they were from local makers and date approx 1930 to 1940s. He only wanted 10p each and so I picked five out. They were not very clean but a good soak sorted them out and they came up sparkly bright.  The flowers are fresh and from the garden / leftovers from a bunch of bought flowers from last week. Although I might look for a couple of artificial flowers for day to day and just use fresh if we have visitors. I also found these vintage 1950s observer books for a £1 for the 5. They are worn but I like the look they give. I printed some victorian botanical images off onto card to put inside the frames, and resized them.

Until next time x

* Originally posted in 2016, on my now archived blog. 


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